Created in May 2008. We had been a splinter cell that had broke off of DD way back when. Can't remember the time. It was when the website was switched over off where DD had been hosted.

When DD was just coming back it was hosted on the I had ran the site and took care of it. Then there was a dispute about the website and it was decided that Hawkeye didn't want to use the services at and it was at that point when s13 was created.


There was a small following that happened cause of the outrage among some of the people in my "crew" at the time. So they came with the defectors.


Everything was running good until we had breakdowns in the leadership. Our growth was always in one direction or the other. We were either recruiting and having a high growth or people were leaving left and right. The people in command had been recruiting and maintaining s13. Until finally they themselves had lost interest in s13.


The leaders were Myself, Drako, Mad, Evil, others to it was a long time. People came and went all the time. S13 was disbanded in December 2010 but Smith turned around and changed the s13 site into a forum/community for people who use the Ubuntu Version of Linux.


-=I.O.C{Smyth}A8=-W.O.T Joined IOC Nov 13, 2010.


Section 13 Memberlist:

  • s13_Smith-Gen5
  • {s13_MAD-Col}
  • {s13_Drako-COL}
  • -|S13_Knight-LTC|-
  • {s13-juke-PFC}

Games Played:

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander - KM 1.0 Mod
  • America's Army
  • Battlefield 2