Starfleet Armada or -=SFA=- as it was a known was a Stock 1.0 Brdge Commander clan active for a short time in June of 2003 to February 2004.


-=SFA=- used a different type of ranking system. Depending if you just joined the clan, you start off with lower end starships such as Ambassador or something else.


Captains run Galaxy or higher Ships and Admirals have Sovereign Class Battlecruisers.


The clan was at war mainly with The Secret Federation due to some noobish arguments, after June of 2003 they went inactive until February 2004 set up a clan website and weren't heard from again.


Member List (Circa 2004):
These are the current members of -=SFA=-



Admiral Dreadnot-64



Fleet Captain Elendal

Captain JanzenHB

Captain Ligerzero

Captain Luna

Captain Apophis



-=Starfleet Armada=- Website