Welcome to the new Freedom Guardians 2.


History the origins of   Freedom Guardians Rebuilt [FG2]


From the ashes of a once great clan known for it’s conquests in Star Trek Armada 2 as well as other Star Trek games, emerges another clan built on freedom and fun in the Star Trek Gaming Community, FG2. Founded by Admiral Hyper and Admiral Ampman, two former members of the original Freedom Guardians [FG]. With the help of the two Founding Fathers along with the help of one former FG Executive Board member Fleet Admiral Dutchboy, Freedom Guardians Rebuilt opened it’s doors for new members, StarDate 10.10.2003.


To understand the history of Freedom Guardian Rebuilt, we must go back to StarDate, 12.31.2002, when some of the best Armada 2 pilots joined a clan known as ESX, Eagle Squadrons. Founded by Fleet Admiral WayneM, with the help from MadBlade as well as many ESX members, ESX would become a well known name in the Star Trek Community. All of the initial members of ESX were from RS, Red Squadrons and left all around the same time. With this grand exodus, RS felt betrayed and declared War upon the newly built ESX. This war would be fought in 4 Star Trek games: Armada 2, Elite Forces, Starfleet Command 3 and Bridge Commander. And would be assisted by SF (StarFleet). ESX forces were no match for RS’s divisions in Elite Forces, Star Fleet Command 3 and Bridge Commander. However the Armada 2 Division in ESX dominated any RS who came into Armada 2. With the wanting of peace and ESX eagerness to build up it’s gaming divisions, the High Command of ESX went to RS and obtained peace.

ESX would continue with WayneM for only a short time frame and a new leader emerged known as Fleet Admiral Eagle. ESX would continue to gain members and fight in some small incursions and wars throughout it’s 6 months in Star Trek Gaming Community. However ESX would come upon hard times, with rumors of espionage and the desertion of High Command members, the ESX name began to be smeared. The remaining High Command of ESX: Fleet Admiral Eagle, Fleet Admiral Dutchboy, Fleet Advisor Tycoon and Fleet Administrator Adams all began the plans for a new clan.


StarDate 05.10.2003 ESX closes it doors.
StarDate 05.13.2003 FG opens it’s doors.


FG, Freedom Guardians was created to offers games in not only the Star Trek games but offer other online Games. FG would obtain many alliances and would grow in numbers and offer many games and training during it’s 5 months in the gaming community.


StarDate 10.07.2003 FG closes it’s doors.


So we hope you enjoy your stay with us and relax and have fun.
We only support Armarda 2, Diablo 2, Guild Wars, WarCraft 3 and StarFleet Command 3 at this time. If you have any suggestions on the games that we should support just let us know. The games we support will depend on our membership.