XFS01 Sentinel-Prime, BC Name XFS01 Dauntless.

Galaxy Class.

Prior to the formation of XFS, Sentinel Prime had formed another clan in November of 2002 - X-Clan Starships. Quickly, XCS became one of the larger clans in BC. One of the first allies of XCS was the clan known as the Star Fleet Federal Alliance (SFFA). In February of 2003, SFFA merged into XCS to form an even larger clan base. At that time this made XCS one of the more powerful clans in BC however, this would only last a short time. The High Command of XCS who was comprised of XCS and SFFA members, became corrupt, and hungry for more power. In April the HC had made plans to take over the clan. Evidence was obtained of this coup, however it was too late. Powerless to do anything about what was going on, Dauntless was forced to leave the XCS.


After spending a few days deciding what to do, and after receiving messages of support, Dauntless, and several former XCS members, had formed the XFS X-Fleet Starships and Darkshadow had formed the XSF, X-Shadow Fleet. Upon learning of XCS01 Dauntless's departure from XCS and the formation of XFS, Darkshadow and Dauntless along with the rest of the founders met and merged their forces into XFS, thus creating one of the longest lasting clans to have ever existed. XFS was one of the most dominant clans in Bridge Commander for a number of years, so vast, that single squadrons would take on entire clans. XFS has of course, moved on to multiple platforms and games since its beginnings in Bridge Commander.

Sentinel Prime has gone through several changes in gaming, having got his start in PC, he switched over to the Xbox. During his tenure in Bridge Commander, XFS01 Dauntless was a well known player in game, mainly for the usage of the Galaxy Class starship in all versions of Bridge Commander. Not only was Dauntless an avid user of the Galaxy Class Starship, He was one of the only if not the only player in the game who could pilot a Galaxy Class, and defeat veterans of the game who use Sovereign's, Hybrids, and Kessok Heavy starships, making Dauntless, and the Galaxy Class a force to be reckoned with. Upon entering the Xbox arena. Sentinel-Prime has become one the top pilots in games such as Hawx, Hawx 2 and Ace Combat, utilizing the F15C Eagle. As he was known for his usage of the Galaxy Class, his reputation with the F15C is even more daunting.