First I would like to thank Khan for the privilege and honor of providing my history in BC and gaming history if we could all be so blessed.
It all started in 2001 - 10 years ago. I downloaded a demo of Star Trek: Bridge Commander and tried it. I fell in love with it and tried multi-player for the heck of it. It worked which most demos don't allow and I began playing. It was the original version 1.0 and it was a blast. Within a week I met a lower ranking member (can't remember the name) and he recruited me in to a clan called The Dominion Warriors. I was so excited to join and be part of something big. The clan consisted of many members probably around 50 active members at the time.  I quickly began playing regularly for several hours a day. I was at the bottom in rank, I was an 06 as it was called back then. After playing for 3 weeks as a member of DW, I was training with a man named Atlantis. He is still a friend to this day. Him and I were just practicing as I needed to learn what is called Shield Rotation. Which means how to keep from losing one shield completely while in battle, which lessons the damage you take in battle. I was new so it was very tricky for me. Just then a group of USA Clan and RNGD Clan members came into our server and teamed up on us. I was using the USS Enterprise-D a Galaxy Class star ship. Atlantis was using a Cardassian Hybrid and we were both damaged from dueling each other. We both turned and fought together against these 2 rogue clans. RNGD and USA clans were very much like pirates they would come into a server and bash you into oblivion and then leave wait a while and come back in again just to cause chaos. It’s what made BC interesting and spiced things up a bit between the clans.

Atlantis and I fought against these 2 clans alone with no assistance for a good hour at least. I was not so good at destroying ships yet because I had not learned how to system target yet and how to hit those systems effectively but Atlantis did so I began flying around him getting in the way of the enemy torpedoes and taking the hits for Atlantis since they were targeting him and not me so much since I was new. I got destroyed many times in this battle but not without us gaining a crap load of kills ourselves. By me flying in the way of Atlantis like that and taking damage Atlantis was able to more effectively fight against the rogue ships and thus giving us a chance to make a dent in their pride a bit. Eventually they left the server and left us alone after that for a while. The next time we met up with them again I was trained and ready to fight them. Also this battle is very important in my history because it was the day I was promoted by Fleet Admiral Atlantis to the rank of 05 for being so commendable and reliable when the odds were stacked against us. He was very proud to call me a member of DW and from that day on we were friends till this very day.

3 more weeks in the clan and I met up with DD in a server. It was lead by Stevie who is also a long time friend of mine but at the time I did not know him. I soon learned how old he was. He was only a teenager very young under 15. We would fight in server against one another and his members and he found me to be a difficult adversary at the very least. I would have my fellow DW fly in formation with me and we would destroy anything DD brought against us. I surprised him once when I and several younger members of DW took them on in Klingon Birds of Prey which are very small ships that can't take much damage at all. Without using our cloaking devices we showed them the meaning of pain and destroyed them all. They learned to have some respect for myself and my comrades that day. Once alone in a server with Stevie, he attempted to recruit me.


I was convinced by DW Enterprise to join as a spy and spy on The Devil Dogs to get some information to use against them. For 3 more weeks I did this but I learned that these guys were really nice just trying to save their clan from extinction. They weren't trying to wage wars and infact wanted peace and to just play and have fun. DW was old school PO'ed at them still from the previous wars lead by DD Hawkeye the Creator, Leader and Founder of DD. So they took it out on the small remnants of DD. I took that to heart and left DW and joined DD. Of course Enterprise had to turn into a spy and turned out he was a spy before I ever was in DD. Called himself Envoy. I was able to figure him out and banned him. With odds stacked against us in DD and leadership could have been better using the rules of the clan I removed Stevie from leadership through the Vice leader who was Ron at the time. My buddy this brings back memories.

Ok so Ron took leadership and made me his Vice Leader and through that new creation of leadership, we brought DD back to life. We gained a few recruits and I taught the clan how to fly in formation. We practiced against the enemy and not ourselves so that we would be ready when the time came to show them all what we could really do. Eventually the time came to make everyone know DD was back and strong again and we jumped in our BOPS and made them whimper...for DD was BACK!!

Many months after our re-introduction we decided collectively that it was just too much with all the old clans against us all at once. We didn't have the membership to keep up the war and we were losing members to other clans and constantly dealing with spies everyday. So we packed up our bags and I was able to bring the membership of DD to DW in a merge of clans so they would be protected from being ganged in servers and free to play without worries.

About a year or so later a number of us left DW together, led by DW Enterprise and we created a new clan called PL (Planetary Legions) We created a federation based clan that was to make quite the dent in the BC world with the main objective of spreading out into new games. We tried many games many of which I can't remember at the moment. But I will have the list updated as I recall them. PL was led by Enterprise with Hunt as his second and myself I was third in command. I was the Chief of Staff of PL.

We had a huge member base very quickly. Close to 25 members in about a month. We would go into servers and take control of it or we would create our own (which was most of the time) and never lose control. We were a clan not to mess with. We would team up on enemy ships and would disable them and leave them to float. We rarely banned anyone because we always did the same thing and people new to follow server rules (no self destruct) or be banned. They didn't like that so they would just sit there and whine about being disabled lol. We use to laugh so hard at that. People would come in talking smack and end up floating lol.

Enterprise at this time had renamed himself. He now called himself Patriot. Not exactly the most original of names to choose from, but whatever turned his crank I guess lol. Anyway so the now Patriot was leader and eventually left PL to do other things with IA and DW. So Hunt was left in charge. Well...Hunt is a moron. A smart man when it comes to software and the internet but a moron when it comes to people. That guy treats people like dirt and as such PO'ed PL membership who came to me now the Vice Pres of PL. I took the membership and we created a civil war against Hunt. Not many joined with him and he quickly lost control of PL in literally only a few hours. Fastest take over and clan destruction I ever witnessed. PL was then shut down and once again, I took the members back to DW.

We were in DW for less than a year once again with Patriot back in DW again as well. He was surprised the members followed me like they did. He said he liked my leadership qualities and from then on we began a team of creation. A somewhat of a friend called SuntZu created a clan called XG - Xtreme Gamers. We went over there just Patriot and I at first at the request of Suntzu and took over control of his clan in order to save it. It was very new but Suntzu was not a very good leader and the clan was in shambles at best with few members. We removed him completely from XG leadership and made him Founder. Patriot took prez position and I took Chief of Staff to which I had proven to be very good at.


We recreated XG into a very proud large membership Community that played many games. We expanded into many games of all kinds and continued to grow regularly. DD came back at one point and we merged DD into XG. Many members of other Clans came to XG to get away from the politics of clanning in BC and to stretch their legs in other games. All the former PL members in DW came to XG and we were a very happy community for a long time. Then Patriot left for other opportunities elsewhere and I was now Vice Pres once again. We had an election and voted on a new pres and I almost won that too ;) It was short lived however as I was now Chief of Staff once again and for a while things were good.


We moved the leadership around a bit and soon the council was PO'ed at Patriot for back stabbing. I agreed but was not happy with the decisions they were making. It was member’s first type of decisions and they were made without proof against people. Eventually the entire leadership except me was compromised and I didn't know what to do. They were making decisions based on how they liked a person and not what was best for the community and what was right and wrong. So I decided to play both sides of the fence to see who was right and who was wrong. Patriot was banned from our Teamspeak server and all gaming servers and he wanted to know why. I couldn't even answer that as the leadership went behind me to do it.


Knowing it was against the very rules I helped to write to protect the people. Long story short I found that the council was correct in its decision even though they didn't know it. They had no proof. I was able to gain that proof but I also uncovered some issues within our leadership as well and they feared because I would have to gain control of XG and bring in an outsider to assist in creating a new leadership and begin our trial process which was fair and created to allow people to defend themselves against accusations. I was eventually kicked out and banned from XG forever as a result and they classified me as a terrorist as a result. Of all the words they could use they had to call me that lol.

So now I was clanless and personally hurt as I had worked hard and was very happy in XG. I spent alot of time with XG members, they confided in me about personal matters, they trusted me with their hurts and their dreams. We laughed, and cried together. I remember babies being born and how proud we all were to say we had a new child to call part of our large family of XG members. When a member was in distress in their personal lives they knew they were safe with us and with me. But that had now come to a stop. Now XG is still alive but just barely. They have few members and can't keep the ones they have. I miss the old days of XG for it was by far Patriot and My greatest creations.

I then joined DD for a short time and left to join IA with my buddy Ron. Then I left there because one of his members was being a moron. I joined DW again and gave Patriot a chance to redeem himself, I Was there a long time and finally happy again. Then I Was accused of wrong doing, of hacking the XG Teamspeak server and causing some serious issues and then banning people until eventually caught. The funny part was I was actually in court when it happened so how could I but whatever lol. I got tired of the drama and stories for this wasn’t the first time I was lied about. People found it easy to pick on me I guess. So I left twice. in the same year because of it.


Eventually Patriot came back to me and said Dude we proved you were innocent so you can come back but since you left you can't have your position back which really meant they didn't really want me around but he finds me useful when he needs someone to take the fall for something. I told them I want my position back and that’s just to start. They refused and I didn't come back. Thanks to a friend named XFSDarkShadow who was there to see I couldn't have done more things they accused me off as the second time was now about me not doing my duties. HA like I would do that. I was addicted to my clan. I worked hard starting early and working late. But they didn't want me around again so I XFS DarkShadow took me in to XFS to protect me as he was a witness to them being morons.

There I found new friends and just began to get comfortable when Shadow left XFS and so I followed and left too. I have been clanless ever since. I have found a new meaning to gaming without administering clans and communities. It’s nice to not have to worry about more patriots out there who just care about power to feed their obsession for power.

Speaking of Patriot I remember when he used to tell us about how the secret service was protecting him and his family, that he had a helipad on his roof and stuff like that. Then one day his mom called my house since I was a computer tech with my own shop. Patriot had given her my number call since she was having issues with AVG Free. I spent 4 hours on the phone with his stepmom and boy did I learn alot. Turns out he likes Twinkies alot and loves to lie. Quite frankly his father and her were getting tired of it and were getting ready to kick him out which they did do not long after.


Some people out there just aren't happy with their lives. But what she said to me that really touched my heart was that regardless of how Patriot feels about her she loves him and so does his dad and they are very scared for him. They don't want him to live a life of lies as it will only cause him more pain. I never forgot that. God made moms right when it comes to love. We as children tend to forget just how precious that is till our moms are long gone. Even stepmoms love us too. I should know as I have been a step parent.

Anyway not at all ment to pick on Patriot whose real name I have left out for obvious reasons. Choose right Mr. Patriot choose right.

Today however I am clanless and only belong to a Squad in a game called Warbirds online. Check it out if you like flight sims and look up the doolittles raiders. You will find me there. I also spend time at IOC when Cartman isn't banning me for nothing as usual. I have friends there and I tend to bounce around from time to time and pop in vent and TS servers all over in the old clans just saying high and hanging for a bit.

Yours truly,
LordK'hil (lordkill)

And remember the world is a small place but the internet is always growing.