Biography of Field Marshal Malecki...

Born in the late 80's I witnessed the fall of communism, seeing destruction of Poland’s independence. I’ve grown up in various locations for 19 years since the age of 6-7 living in some town in Poland.


Since seeing great injustice in the world, suffering from it developed strong sense of justice and of law and order.


Law written with fist, Sabre and quantum torpedoes.


Always very personal and subjective way of seeing things - Highly Patriotic.


Over the years his patience and politeness have melted down.


Strongly immersed in Poland’s internal politics. Founder of State Restoration Camp political party. Centro-Fascist by political beliefs, without chauvinism.


Member of BC Community since 2002-2003 (exact date Unknown), left BC community around 2009.


M.I. C-in-C / Terran Consul (pre-Nationalist M.I.) for 7 years, after DW War assumed title "Emperor of BC Community" never officially crowned. International Motto: "C'mon you apes! Do you want to live forever?!"


Skilled Soldier and Leader. Fond of Saxon Porcelain, fan of many Kings in Earth's history.


Current favorite motto "Polen, Polen, Uber alles." motto from National M.I. era