I believe that I first played the game when it was released in some internet cafe. I was owned by AI and never got back to playing the game again. I liked the series and I finally got in BC at the same time KM 0.9 was released, I believe it was around 2006 (around September). I wasn’t using any names in particular and I mostly played the game in single-player, until 1 day I joined a server with some DD in where I was literally ganged by 7 of them (in BC 1.1). I already knew how to cloak hop so I stepped in a Warbird and killed them all :)


From that day I used the name "cloakeforever" and was the typical random noob a cloak hopper these days. One day then I was found by (OO) Helios and was recruited in the Obsidian Order. After a while it was explained to me by Helios and Monitor that hopping is retarded and although I was doing well in the so called "war servers." I pretty much sucked in all the others.


With my noobish behavior, I managed to irritate lots and lots of skilled or not players in BC 1.1. Among them USA, RNGD and some others I don’t remember now.


So 1 day I decided that I am not interested in some kind of fake winning by hopping and decided to take it head on with all the "beasts" that BC and KM had to offer. Monitor and Helios were kind enough to train me. The first months were ugly, really ugly since I was flying like an idiot. I was numerously floated several times, pwned, humiliated to the extent few players have ever been in this game while I tried to improve my worthless flying.


At the same time OO was in war with DD in KM 0.9 and I played most of the time there ridiculously outnumbered but for those who know never outgunned. I finally managed to become a medium duel player in KM 0.9 but a deadly machine while in TDM, mostly because of my ability to multi-target enemy ships and manually aim them. Then 1 day KM 1.0 was released.


This time I wasn’t the newb in KM 1.0 but I was among the first players. The typical BC-KM wars were at their max with DD going up to 50 active members down to 4-5 and round again. With time and finally fed up with the useless and non concluding e-wars that KM and BC was offering I changed my path and from present to all war servers against DD I just stopped one day.


I was looking for the ultimate fight, the perfect duel. My concern wasn’t to beat someone but how I could fly better and better. That was around the time I started my habit of using all sorts of lolnames. I didn’t want anyone to know it was me. So 1 day I started the "Master of KM" plan. It was simple, me vs all KM. The name was carefully chosen so it could irritate and cause even DD members to stop ganging and duel me.


The result was pretty disappointing because I just never found any kind of serious game by any clans. Many accused me of cheating, even banned me and now I see them flying exactly the way I was at that time. Then 1 day Hellfire showed up.


Hellfire was a former (OO) that came back, he soon rejoined OO and of course we played lots of BC and KM together. Dueling Hellfire made you feel as an opponent with a terrible feeling. I knew very well what it means to be pwned, but against Hellfire you always had the feeling that you are just incapable of outmaneuvering him. We played of course KM too, where his talent and superiority was so vast that he just beat me up night after night. So with little to no challenge in KM 1.0, I focused back in BC 1.1.


I really cannot remember how many times I was pwned by Hellfire but I do remember my first victory in a duel. It was one of those duels (50+ minutes) that I would pay to replay them. I have lost one engine and then one lucky shot of mine took out his front torps. After that I was able to repair and somehow beat him. After that day it was getting harder and harder for him to beat me.


At the same time I continued taking on the best BC had to offer. Only it was getting harder and harder for them to beat me. Playing against players like Bunny helped me learn almost everything lag does to this game and after some point lag didn’t seem to affect me at all. 1 after 1 all the so called "elite" drones of BC fell and lost to a point of just avoiding dueling me inventing some kind of new excuses like lag from my end etc etc. Typical Trekkie nerd behavior.


Time brought my OO career to an end and after a while of freelancing i joined RNGD.


The RNGD I joined had nothing to do with the old RNGD. The active members in BC and KM like LJ, Arafir, Fro, Ketra terrorized idiots for a while in KM until we just got bored of it.


I am not sure what made me quit BC and KM. No challenge anymore? I just played too much? Or fed up with Trekkie idiots that wanted to join their clan to "kill" someone. I believe the fact that playing a game where you win 99% of the time was the most important.


So after almost 3 years in BC and KM, I believe I have seen it all and done it all. I begun from the worse position as a complete noob (not newb) and went to the top. I made lots of friends and I really respect lots of people we spent our evenings and nights together in front of a screen. The good thing for me is that I don’t remember atm any of those that hated me, maybe because I stopped caring from a point and after.


Fights I would love to repeat anytime regardless the outcome:

  • Arafir in both KM and BC 1.1
  • Hellfire in both KM and BC 1.1
  • Zenworks in BC 1.1
  • DaPimp in BC 1.1
  • Terako in BC 1.1 (I believe that when I beat her I had the best flying in me)
  • Vader from KM
  • Unimatrix aka Torark with his diamond in KM 1.0
  • Uriguri in both Stock BC and KM, I really respect uri

last but not least...my old and probably only friends I ever made in BC community Monitor and Helios