Name: L.A. Neal


Country: Great Britain


Player History:

First started playing Bridge Commander in 2005, then joined with the forming of Liberation Armada in 2008. Then I moved into more games after that in the era of Win98! Can you guess who always flew the ship supporting you... It was probably me if you were in =LA=.


During the =DD= Bridge Commander Wars I was always flying around in a Lakota Class.... You couldn’t miss me.


Clan History:

  • =LA= Liberation Armada   2005-2007 - Highest Rank: Commander
  • =EG= Elite Gamers            2007-2008 - Highest Rank: Commander
  • [SF] Starfleet                        2008-2009 - Highest Rank: Junior Lieutenant
  • [STX] Star Trek Xtreme      2009-2010 - Highest Rank: Lieutenant
  • =UR= United Republic      2010 - Highest Rank: Founder/Senator
  • =XG= eXtreme Gamers     2010 - Current Date - Rank: Council Member