I was about 13 or 14 years old and a buddy of mine introduced a game to me called Halo. Then one spring day in 2008, he brought me into a clan called Devil Dogs. Which started my clanning years. I was there when Z11 left DD and we gave them hell when they left.  Then soon after that I went over to Soldiers at War aka SaW, to help restructure and get halo up and running. Then SaW broke away from DD and Santa went missing. So I took a hiatus from gaming and focused on my life.


Then a year later I came back and joined DD, or so I thought it was, and one day I come on and the teamspeak showed it was EG which was Elite Gamers Clan. So then I joined EG and helped them in a World Of Warcraft Division. I became Division Leader of the game and started to have activity, then real life issues came upon me and I decided to go away again.


After almost 2 years of a hiatus I decided to come back and I saw that DD merged into a clan called Imperial Order Clan which Hawkeye created and led in late February - early March. I became C1 of a company in Halo Division which was lead by Moongazor at the time and after a while I started to raise the ladder of leadership. In a few months I became DT (Division Trainer) of the Halo Division and Muzzle took over DL (Division Leader). Then Muzzle went off to college and I took over the Division Leader spot until the division was no more, due to inactivity.


So I was left Divisionless in a clan I loved. So I joined the World of Tanks Division which was led by BIGDADDY. I use to make fun of the game for months when I was in halo. Well at that point I took all that back. I fell in love with the game. So I played that game day and night and I couldn't stop playing. I got a few recruits one day and then Hawkeye and Bigdaddy approached me and ask about me running IOC_A (Second in game clan) and I said yes.


IOC_A days I recruited 64 members in 2 weeks. Which is a record in IOC and I brought up the best leadership IOC could ask for. We caught up to IOC's 87 within 3 weeks. Which made me and the other leadership of IOC_A feel accomplished. Hawkeye pulled me in a channel with BIGDADDY and Zero one day and asked me to become DL of IOC (First in game clan) and I said yes. IOC numbers rose and fell continuously like a roller coaster. IOC_A kept rolling with Lt_Death, who was my second in command, in charge.


Unfortunately with the unhappiness of some of the members in IOC and IOC_A. Members left and started clans of their own. Lt_Death, Shawnavin, and Taz, started a clan called Devils Rejects Hit Squad and Cobra who is now Leroy_FBI started Hell On Wheels 2nd Armor Division. Thankfully, some of my closest leaders decided to stay and took over leadership in IOC_A.


Then IOC_O (Omega was the third in game clan) came along and we had all of the higher tiers in it. My computer went down and had became useless. But I was Moved to VBL (Vice Battalion Leader) under BIGDDADDY, who was Battalion Leader at the time, due to my information I brought to the clan.


BIGDADDY was then promoted to IG and I was promoted to BL. Month or so later we had people leave and say "IOC was never gonna grow."


After the departures of some of the key IOC members such as BIGDADDY and others, leadership was changed and I became IG due to BIGDADDY'S departure. We have now been successful with training sessions and recruitment in tank companies and we have our moments of numbers rising and falling.


But IOC has proven itself we can rebuild, we can maintain, and we will reclaim what is rightfully ours.



Games I Play/Played:

  • World of Tanks
  • Halo
  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • World of Warcraft