Games I Play:

Whatever strikes me, as of late its been NavyField, Dragon Age 2, Civ 5 and Witcher 2


I joined the Trek gaming community back in 2005 when I started playing Bridge Commander in the Starfleet [SF] clan.


The name stems from the fact through high school I had a fro. Afterwards I joined KOL for about 6 months. As I was carving a name for myself I joined [RS] (Red Squadrons) after about 4 months there I was invited to USA-EF.


From there I continued to become one of the top Akira pilots in the game topping off at 3rd best Akira in Bridge Commander. After KM 1.0 came out I soon lost interest as I considered myself, along with others, as Bridge Commander Purists. However, about 3 months after that, I joined the military and came back to BC with the RENEGADES [RNGD] after early 2008.


I pretty much disappeared from the Trek gaming community, waiting for a good time to return.


Fro has currently rejoined the Guardians of Neraxia


Ships Preferred:
1.1: Akira, Sovereign, Light Cruiser

FBCMP 0.8: Nova 2

KM 1.0: Sovereign