The History of Rage in Bridge Commander


In the summer of 2005, I ran across the Bridge Commander demo so I tried it. One match was all it took. I then got me a copy of the game and played quick battle most of the time. Then I tried multiplayer which at the time was 1.1 played under the name of U.S.S Wind, the ship I used most was the Galaxy.


I freelanced in 1.1 and never joined a clan and never took any sides, just opened fire on whoever I felt the need to. I played that til I ran across KM 0.9 and joined a clan called -=Pirates=-. I was under the name Pirate Payne at the time, I was a Captain there.


The clan was only around for three months. After that I went back to freelancing as U.S.S Wind until I Joined SaW In 2006. I was the first person to join the newly formed clan under Santa and Razzor. I joined the clan as Rage. I started off as Captain, was long before I was Vice Admiral.


Wasn’t long before we went to war with DD. With one of their Submit or Die, the clan was growing fast and Santa would go MIA ever so often and Razzor and I would run the clan.  After so long Razzor got mad because he changed his name one night and game and came in under another name in the sever and no one asked him to join because we were doing FFA, so he left the clan. I then Moved up to Admiral of the Clan and changed my name to Hellmaster.  Where I ran the clan along with Death who was helping me because Santa was MIA.

In November or 2006 I formed a ceasefire with DD, that was as far as I was going to let it go. We had a few meetings on TS with them, then Santa returned and started to mess everything up.  He wanted to join DD with their Submit or Die. After talking to Death and Martok about forming a new clan, IKF was born. I once again changed my name to  -=IKF=-D’ivok*CF and Death Changed his name to -=IKF=-Kra’agg*F and Martok was there but only for a short time he was trying to spy for Santa which we found out fast and he ran back crying to Santa.

-=IKF=- went right to war with DD/SaW Brotherhood at the start of 2007.  We went to war with many clans after words. I was most known for flying the Prometheus in all Versions of KM. I have taken part in beta testing for Retro Mod and have worked on Warriors Path.

I stayed in -=IKF=- till October of 2011, when I reformed Soldiers at War. So far I have been able to bring honor back to the Soldiers at War with 50 members in Star Trek: Online and 10 in Combat Arms.