The history.. of Tor'al.


It all began six years ago, I was surfing the net and stumbled upon this unknown game called "Star Trek: Bridge Commander".


Being my normal curious self, I downloaded the game, and installed it and much to my surprise it's one of the best games I have ever played, I have always played it from that day on... I also plan on never stopping, however let’s take a glance at how my BC career started, and evolved into what it has become today...


My very first online game on BC was sort of exciting to me, either ways I entered Saratoga's server under the name of USS Nova. Letting him know I was new to BC, Saratoga taught me pretty much everything I know about the Sovereign today, and from that day to this day I still hold high respect for Saratoga.


I played as a Freelancer from that point on for about 3 months, and unfortunately sucked into the grasp of DD and became known as DD=Nova=B5.


Only took me a few weeks to realize what I was doing was terribly terribly wrong, so I dropped the name Nova, and became Tor'al, which is when I met Argo for the first time.


The friendship was almost instant - we got along really well.


At that point in time I was in a clan called NRG but in another game, we had no BC division so I couldn't wear tags.


I and Argo had the idea to bring NRG to BC, so having talked long gruesome talks with my superiors; they granted me my first major title:


SFC = Supreme Fleet Commander
NRG = Energy


So me and Argo were the first of NRG's first 2 Supreme Commanders for the newly formed BC division, we decided to recruit people. Eventually our numbers grew quite a bit, until we made a terrible mistake - we joined the DD Brotherhood.... The Alliance we had with them lasted 2 or 3 months till we broke from the DD Brotherhood, and became independent once again. Then we turned on DD like a crocodile when you have your head in its mouth, but DD fought back and we started to lose the war.


Then NRG's BC division started going inactive, not after long we collapsed and disbanded.


Me and Argo lost contact for a long time..


That’s when I formed my own clan IDF:
IDF = Imperial Defence Force


Which didn't last too long until it also collapsed.


After then I took up residence within the Liberation Armada clan, run by Uriguri at the time and was given the title:


2 weeks later I was promoted to a Junior Lieutenant, then one day Argo pops up out of nowhere with KS tags on, after 2 weeks of him groveling he finally convinced me to join KS under the title of:



And has been since 9 months ago, and always will.


I can't imagine any other clan I’d rather be in with all of my BC friends, I’m glad and proud of where I am today, and that is my past career till this very present day.


List of clans I have participated in and under what names:

  • DD - DD=Nova=B5
  • FE - FE~Nova
  • NRG - SFC=Tor'al=NRG
  • IDF - IDF=Tor'al=SFC
  • IFF - IFF=Tor'al=SFC
  • LA - LA=Tor'al=EN & JLT
  • KS - KS<Tor'al>SWA

Here is a list of all the people whom to this day I hold high respects to:

  • Argo
  • Constantine (Ent)
  • Kra'agg
  • Hellkhat
  • Saratoga
  • Hellmaster
  • Monitor
  • Spartan
  • Moses
  • Tasha Yar
  • Musashi
  • Aeria (Saber)
  • Devil Dog
  • Uriguri
  • Rifleman80
  • Sublit
  • Shepherd
  • Tethys
  • DanielHarper
  • Ryan

And everyone else within the IKF, LA and FE clans


Tor'als' Signatures: