When I first got into gaming on the PC, I promptly purchased Star Trek: Bridge Commander and entered the war-filled fray that plagued so many servers. I ended up within a few days joining the clan Soldiers at War, which before it was reformed by Rage recently, was a small and miniscule clan roaming from server to server. After finally reaching the rank of Vice Admiral within the clan, the 1st Brotherhood had started, and I was well on my way out the door, due to personal disliking for Cartman, as well as Hawkeye at the time (Gotten over that now).


Currently at that time the Obsidian Order (OO) had fell apart as well. I had teamed up with Helios (Former vice leader of OO) and we had started Dragon Legion. After that I was called away for work out of province once again, being a Crane Operator I’m usually all over the country and away from home for weeks at a time.


When I had returned dL- was of little interest to me as it was rather inactive and on a continuous downward slump which I would rather not be bothered with at the time. So I once again took up arms with Hawkeye and continued to lead the Call of Duty 4 Division for a little over a year until the collapse of DD/EG due to continuous ''internet fatigue'' as you might like to call it. From being pushed into games where nobody has interest in fighting a war, and after the collapse of the membership because of their consistent revolving door policy (As I like to call it) it went on its way south, and I ended up being free willy once again up until a few months ago I rejoined the reformed DD - IOC it is called now, and with the same thing happening that I had stated previous. Decided to rejoin with old Brothers in arms in Soldiers at War and once again rule the universe.


Phantom's Sigs: