I started playing BC when it first came out, I had just gotten my first computer, and didn’t have a clue how to use it. I had a friend of mine at home over teaching me what to do and he showed me how to download stuff and low and behold the first game that peaked my interest, when I first did a search was BC.


So right away I downloaded it, and toyed with it a bit and I could not figure out what it was all about. So I dropped it and moved on to the cfs series, as my friends here were playing it and so was the guy who set up this comp for me. After about a year we all kinda separated and went on to our own thing, then ghost recon appeared, played that for a bit and same thing in the first winter we all again went our own way. It was then I decided to try the Star Trek game again, and the thought of flying my very own starship was a bit alluring as I have been a Trek fan since i was a kid in the 70s.


So I installed BC and didn’t bother to try so, ya smart move, and went into the first server I could get into, back then they were always full, anyhow I got in and didn’t have a clue as to what was going on and people were shooting blue things at me and I just sat and spun shooting at random or whenever they decided to fire for me, didn’t know how to move, or aim, or anything else, needless to say I was like a lone DD on a Saturday night in BC.


I joined a server hosted by MDD, and the guy named Mystic typed how to chat and from there he explained the controls to me and then proceeded to own me every night for about a month. He then asked if I ever joined a clan and if I wanted to join MDD, being new to online I asked the biggest noob question ever which was: What is a clan and how much do I have to pay? As I won’t give my credit card numbers, so anyhow I joined MDD, got some skills going, and was told to recruit some members and form my own MDD division.


Anyhow I got 16 members for my MDD part of the fleet, including elric and some others who no longer play. Then a civil war broke out in MDD, so elric wolverine and I took what MDD wanted to come and formed a clan of our own, can’t remember the name and played BC. It eventually moved it to BF1942 as well, after awhile with members having real life problems it fell apart, so I left BF and returned to BC as a loner.


After about 4 months of playing alone and fighting the likes of Blade, Terako, Sarek, etc, etc. I got to be the pilot you now see good or bad and was invited to join USA-EF. In a while in this clan went to war in EoL mod against a clan called 11th fleet who were basically trying to dictate how BC would be played, and after about 2 months we drove them from BC and they disbanded.


I was with USA for about a year when I had a disagreement of policies with some of the USA members, and decided to leave USA and after awhile I formed CB. CB was a name Terako and I used as a cover to annoy people, it stood for Chinese Bitches, and we even acted the part in server typing broken English and shit, like lov u lon tim 5 dolla, but then CB got popular and alot of members joined, and this was the same time DD appeared in BC.


Have had hanging with them for a few nights they gang raped 2 of my clan members and we went to war on them, this was in 1.1. We fought DD until KM 0.9.1 was released and DD went to that version, some CB didn’t come over as they viewed 1.1 as the pure form of the game. Then KM 1.0 was released, and still most CB stayed in 1.1 and as there was no DD in 1.1 anymore CB disbanded, so back to being a loner for me again.


Teaching players about BC, once I got to know them, then the DD appeared in 1.1 for brief attacks mocking us and just being all out dicks, so I moved to KM 1.0 and played it for a bit till I got used to the new version, and stayed a loner up to such time as DD stated how they had crushed CB, so as of the present I am back with CB and playing the part.