I started 6 years ago also. This was in 1.1 of course and the first name that I went under was DaManMoses. I played freelance for a long time and I remember always getting my ass kicked by someone in a Vorcha. I cannot remember if that was Toga or Arafir, whatever.


While still in 1.1 I joined the UCF. I was the 3rd or 4th person to join which gave me a high rank UCF ADM DaManMoses. Long I know, still had some noob in me those days. Anyway, the leader of the UCF was Jim and his second was Blade. I owe most of my skills to Blade. That SOB could fly a Sov and he taught me a lot.


The KM 0.9 mod came out not to long after UCF formed and we switched to that and in my humble opinion PWNED. But I may be a little biased. Played in 0.9 for a while and eventually Jim, Blade, I and others fell away from the game and UCF.


UCF Jelma took the reins but it was never the same. After a while of more freelance I hung it up. After a couple of years of not really playing much of anything I decided to load up the ole BC and to my surprise there is no 0.9 anymore but KM 1.0. I load up the game and what is the first server I see? Toga Party!


It was good to see that quality players such as Toga and Argo were still around. Now I am a member of KS and loving that. Nice to have all you guys to share the battle field with. Also nice to get to know many of you guys, that I did not the first time around. Argo, Toga, Toral, IKF and XFS guys.


It’s been fun even with all the drama from time to time. So that is me.


Hope you enjoyed the brief history. Also, if any of you guys know what happened to Jim or Blade please let me know.