I grew up watching Star Trek: TOS with my dad as a kid in the 80's. I remember my dad and I watched the Next Generation Pilot together and ever since then I was hooked. I grew up around fishing boats and have always had a love for ships, especially Navy ships.


Always wanted to be on the Bridge in challenging situations.


Sometimes for a thrill, I’d take a fishing boat out on the lake if a storm was coming, just for the rush of navigating the winds and swell. I’ve been playing sub-simulators for a while, started with a Nintendo game called “Silent Service", then played SS2 on PC. I loved that game but they discontinued the game and the developers came up with Silent Hunter, so I played that, and I still do. Silent Hunter 4 is fun.
I had not played Star Trek games til got my first Sony Playstation.


I got this game called "Star Trek Invasion" I played that for about 8 months straight lol. I stopped playing games for a while but eventually started back up when my girl left me for drugs. One day I was surfing the net on some PC I got at a garage sale. I saw Bridge Commander advertised on startrek.com this was in 2003. Took me a while to find it but when I did, it would not start on my crap PC.


So I went to best buy and spent 800 bucks on a e-machines T32 lol Money well spent cause I fell in love with the game. I played through the whole thing. I worked my way up to beating it on all difficulties. I had 56K back then so I didn’t bother with the MP. When I got DSL I explored 1.1 a little bit. I thought I was all badass cause I beat the game, and boy was I wrong. I used the name Capt.Brown for a while.
Then 1.2b unofficial patch came out, I Liked the Negh’var in that.


It was succeeded by the 1.3b patch.


One day in a server, a UFA Woodeye invited me to join UFA.


I joined as UFA Hellkhat.


This would be my first clan, but after a year it broke down due to many factors, The clan Split up.
One of the co-founders started TLW and many former UFA joined. We thrived for another 2 years playing BF1942 & BC. By then I was one of the clans Brass.


I lost my internet for about a year cause I lost my job. I played BF2 single player alot, but when I got my DSL back I returned to TLW, everyone thought I had died lol.


TLW was no longer playing BC they were all into X-Box and Star Wars games and online activity was rare. So I came back to find only 1.1 servers.


I dropped my tags using the name Hellkhat. I had some good nightly fights and some fun sparing partners including Arafir, LadyDeath, FleetStreet and Saratoga. I give them props for the lessons I’ve learned. It was about then KM 0.9.1 came out.


At first I favored the stability of 1.1 over KM, but eventually everyone was playing nothing but KM.


That’s when I ran into those DD pricks, Saratoga formed CB and we pwned DD good. Then KM 1.0 came out and that's when I joined IKF and I have been having fun ever since.