I have been active mostly in clan life within the Bridge Commander community.

Games that I do play is:

  • Star Trek: Armada series
  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • Star Trek: Online
  • Superpower 2 (favorite game of all time)
  • Battlefield 2 all mods

Within Bridge Commander is where I made my name. The name Monitor came from 3 reasons. I used to breed monitors including sand and savanna monitors including many gecko and milk snake species. I was known early in BC as the spy and monitored many clans from within. My first car license plate was monitor 1, so the name stuck.


Within Bridge Commander I started as a freelancer but joined the Roman Republic which I became a Lieutenant before it died and I took over the clan to rebuild it. As I was not liked at the time and countless wars with The Renegades, me and my last member joined Planetary Legions. That lasted 3 months as me and Zen worked on building our first full clan the Obsidian Order.


The (OO) grew and faded many times but had a 40 member status during its peak times and stayed active for over 6 years. There was one merger with the clan Hellfire Knights and (OO) was renamed Obsidian Knights for a few months. This merger did not work out but in the end retained 90% of the HK crew. (OO) officially ended in 2008 for many reasons but mostly because I was a new dad and didn't want to micromanage a clan anymore.


I grew tired of not contributing to a team so I joined dL as Chief of Staff then Vice Leader under Helios. We all know what happened to dL so I wont comment there. I still hung out with the new Helios group called X which was a Klingon based group of STO but also reformed the (OO) taking the remaining dL BC members.


The new (OO) which I called (OO) lite made a 5 man STO group however the BC division which the members I took from dL never played (remember the activity issue with some dL members) and I got stuck as being the sole BC member. As life changes I really had no time to micromanage the new order and I got no help from my members. Eventually, I grew tired of this and looked elsewhere to contribute which is where we are now.


I was past leader and/or founder of:

  • Roman Republic
  • Obsidian Order
  • Obsidian Knights
  • High Command/Vice Leader of Dragon Legion

Within BC I was well known for being a highly skilled player and specialized in these ships.

  • 1.1 - Sovereign and Hybrid
  • KM - Eximius, Sovereign, Neghvar
  • 0.9 - Sovereign, Neghvar, Shrike
  • LF - Defiant