I've gone by many alias. -=Z=-, Reverend Z, RevDem Z, Bloodfather, Zii, but it all started with Z.

I discovered Bridge Commander in 02. At first, I just played the single player. It wasn't until Jan of 04 that I got into the Multiplayer.

In Jan 04 I entered a server with DW, Dominion Warriors. I was invited to join the clan by then President Misty. I became an Cadet, but I never went any further with it.

I left the game for 6 months, and when I returned in July of 04, I met DD.

From July 04 to Dec 04 I was apart of the Devil Dogs. I quickly rose in the ranks soon becoming the Captain of Alpha Company and then moved on into the Admiralty. When Hawkeye had to take a leave of absence for a few months, I as the Clan XO decided to create two new ranks. At first 5 Star Admiral was the highest rank and reserved for the Clan XO. I decided to create the 6 Star Admiral, allowing other members to become 5 Star Admirals, reserving the 6 Star for the XO. After a short period, I grew tired of the 6 Star, and replaced it with the Vice Leader rank. I was the first Vice Leader in the history of DD and Bridge Commander.


It seemed only logical considering the Clan CO was called Leader. As the creator of the Vice Leader rank, it went on to be apart of the rank structure of other clans as well as DD. After Hawkeye had returned from his leave, I had grew tired of DD and Bridge Commander in general. So I decided to leave the clan for a week in Nov of 04. Death became the Vice Leader after that. When I decided to return, I was given my former rank of 6 Star Admiral. Since I couldn't return to Vice Leader, it was a consolation. I stayed in DD for the reminder of the month. But after talking with Samcold, we both left DD and decided to create SCF.

From Dec 04 to March 05 I was apart of Samcold Fleet. We joined the fight against DD. Samcold was the Leader and I was the Vice Leader. Prometheus, later known as Fix3r, joined us as our 5 Star Admiral. I disappeared for the month of January in 05, having lost my internet connection. Samcold and Prom continued with the creation of SCF and I returned at the end of Jan. We soon started to expand into other games and added new members. After awhile we decided to move further away from the DD Rank Structure and Samcold became President, while I became Vice President. Prom had since left and returned to DD, and with the need for extra help in command, OnlyAshes became the first Chief of Staff.


We had Beau as our Fleet Admiral and Galaxy, formerly known as Odin, as Admiral. In Late March of 05, SCF merged with another small clan and members Archer and Trip were added to the Admiralty. Shortly after this, SCF started to fall apart. Members started to leave and Samcold decided to leave the fleet. I tried to hang on with the reminding members, but I to had grown tired of SCF. So as the only reminding Founder and Acting President, I decided to disband SCF. Archer and Trip did not like this and decided to try and keep the fleet going themselves. But they soon gave up and moved on to another clan.

After SCF had ended, I was just another independent in BC. There were two Major forces in BC at the time. RNGD and XFS. I was on friendly relations with both clans and I thought long and hard on which clan I wanted to join. After making friends with DarkShadow (Formerly Warrior/Defiant) of XFS, I joined the X-Fleet Sentinels on April 2, 2005.